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Splash Damage: Sansa e140

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You have about one or two days or so to pick this up cheap (sub $100 at your local Office Depot), and I recommend that you do if you’re in need of a decent MP3 player. Besides spending more than $10 on a pack in earbuds (it’s the best pack in bud’s you’ll see in your lifetime), the player is well rounded, though not without its quirks.

It’s the usual as far as specs go: WMA (No Subscription), MP3, Audible, SRS-WOW, Custom EQ, Drag and Drop management. However, it’s one of very few to have expandable slots (the last widely available one was the Rio Forge line IIRC, amongst others) for your various SD and MMC cards.

Pair the Sansa with a cheap 1GB or 2GB SD cards, and you potentially have a 2GB to 3GB* flash MP3 player for less than $150 to $250. Of course there are quirks. Will it be worth the extra cash you save?

Stay tuned for full review.


Written by Damage

11/25/05 at 11:55 pm

Posted in Soapbox

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