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Splash Damage: Sansa e140 Part Two

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Just found out that it can, in a pinch, act as a SD/MMC reader, which most reviews seem to ignore. So, with the proper USB cable and computer, this becomes essentially a 2-in-1 device.

Now, I have to go and find me a 2GB SD card, and soon.

Cheap (Relatively Speaking) Grados
A local shop has couple of SR40s, which are essentially SR60s with cheap looking plastic housing, complete with the required cheaper looking gold trims. I expect myself to get me a pair of these and see if they are worth the $20 savings from my current flavor of the month, SR60s.

A simple test tells me that, however, I may not like it. Try this if you have any SR60s (or better models, same idea). Take your hands and put them over the grille opening of your Grados. It sounds very muffled and claustrophobic, the total opposite of the Grado sounds.

On the next Tyra: The SR40, the ugly, wicked stepsister that the family wants to keep secret? Find out.


Written by Damage

11/26/05 at 4:59 am

Posted in Soapbox

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