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There are plenty of third party softwares for your DAPs, but they, for the most part, costs money. Thank goodness for enterprising software writers and advocates of Open Source/Free Software, as they bring you some good alternatives for your favorite (or not so favorite) DAPS. Here are several I’ve run across:

  • iPod Shuffle DB Builder makes your iPod almost Drag and Drop worthy. The standalone executable for Windows has been long discontinued (and development on the Python script seems to have stopped as well for the time being), but it works. All you do is drag and drop your MP3 or AAC files, and run this little program. As a bonus, you needn’t install this either, just take it along with you on the Shuffle.
  • GYM for your Network Walkman models and PSP amongst the supported models. Still looks a tad bit rough around the edges, but this along with MP3 File Manager (something that Sony provides for the Network Walkmen-drag and drop your MP3s to your device, one way only) finally opens up your Network Walkman. This also would seemingly free you from SonicStage/Connect Player non-sense, unless your library is entirely in ATRAC format.
  • Shuffler makes any MSC compliant devices (your DAP, memory cards, cellphones, etc) into an iPod Shuffle by… Shuffling and uploading files to your device. No more iTunes, and even works with the iPod Shuffle. Just make sure to run the Shuffle DB builder once you’re done.

Hopefully, one of these days, someone will make a SimpleBurner type application for my Rio CE2100.


Written by Damage

11/27/05 at 6:29 am

Posted in DAP

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