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Splash Damage: Does it really matter?

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Is it just me or are the perceived sound quality from various DAPs overhyped? Now that most DAPs are using one form of SigmaTel’s Codec or another (from Apple supposedly to Creative, SanDisk, Rio-when they were in existance, and quite a lot of mom and pop mp3 brands), is there any real appreciable difference in Sound Quality?

I find myself asking that question since I’ve come in possession of the SanDisk e140. Despite the reviews on the web which purportedly said the SQ on the unit was rather poor, I came away with the impression that in the end, it sounds more or less the same as my Rio and my iPod Shuffle. I also realize that chipset alone does not make an MP3 player, but considering that it handles (at least partly) the conversion from compressed digital stream to analog signal, it has to be asked, don’t it?

There are more things that ultimately affect the final sound quality, such as the quality of the headphone jack and circuitry. But…

Does it really matter in the end?


Written by Damage

11/28/05 at 2:03 am

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