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The Five Dollar Ramen

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This originally appeared in one of my random Forum Postings, now posting here for your amusement. Or not

This is possibly the most expensive Cup Noodles you’ll possibly come across, the King of Ramen, Ra-OH!

IF you’re sick of hovling around in your Maruchan Spicy Chicken Cream Instant Lunch, take a look at what $4.09 plus sales taxs nets you:


Contents 1:
Contents 1
Contents 2:
Contents 2
(Left to Right: Pork Packet, Lard Packet, Seasoning Packet, Noodles on front)

Pre adding hot water:
Pre Adding Hot Water

Final product:
Final Product

It’s Greasy, Salty, Soy Saucy, and maybe a bit of porkiness in the broth, maybe not. It’s also the closest thing to an actual Ramen from a Ramen Stand in Tokyo or a restaurant in US State Side. Unfortunately, there’s too much grease in the liquid sauce… I mean Lard packet, so it comes out way too greasy. Mind you that Double Quarter Pounder you pounded down before is much fattier and greasier, but liquid grease is more visceral. And the roasterd pork in the packet? OK, but again, they had to cook it till kingdom come in high temperature, so it’s tough, dry, and way too porky in flavor.

All in all, decent way to blow $5 but you might be more satisfied with a Six Dollar Burger / ThickerBurger from Carl’s Jr/Hardee’s.



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11/28/05 at 7:22 am

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