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Splash Damage: Grado SR40

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Well, remember that bold prediction right below this post?  This will teach me to count my chickens before they hatch.

Back to the more important stuff.  The Grado SR40s, if you can find them, are a decent enough pair for the money ($40 MSRP).  Let’s face it though, the SR60 is the superior headset at $20 more.  Considering the quality of CDs these days, I’d wager that the $20 that you’d normally spend on CDs would be better spent on the Grado SR60s.

Unless you plan on using these in public, in which case, the SR40s are less attention attracting then the Cans on two thick strings.

Now, someone wants to donate a set of RS-1s for me?


Written by Damage

12/4/05 at 7:02 am

Posted in Soapbox

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