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Splash Damage: Good Ideas, Poor Execution

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One Quickie:
There are good ideas, and then there are good ideas Those good ideas are which they should work well in theory, and hell, it sounds like a jewel, one of those “Why didn’t I think of those in the first place!?” type of ideas. Some of it pans out, like split keyboards, online auctions (most of them), beef jerky chips, and capitalism. Then there are others that are left best unspoken.
By which, I am referring to the Griffin Earjams. In theory, it should work by offering a better seal for the iBuds with the ears, which I’ve never gotten a good seal to begin with. So, by default, this should be an improvement yes?

Well, that $19.99 could be spent on something better, like a good steak dinner, a power charger for the iPod Nano, sandpaper to round the corners on the shuffle, etc. It’s gotten good idea written all over it. However, like many of histories good ideas (say, communism, which sounds mighty fine in theory but somewhere, someone always screws up the execution), this falls somewhere between bad and total disaster.

It does give you that massive bass upgrade. It does give you that better seal, and that’s all it gives you. It takes away any sort of decency the iBuds had in the first place. Well, it stinks up everything it touches. I originally tried these with some Sony Buds, and I thought it would have better results with the iBuds… Well… Nevermind.

Grade: D. I won’t even dispense with Good/Bad/Ugly here, it’s all ugly.

And, by the by, if you have the money to invest in a decent noise cancelling setup, I suggest that you do so. But beware of the Bose Trap. I’ve gotten myself to invest in a cheap Noise Cancelling set, and for all its worth (about $60, so it is decidely on the lower scale of these things), it works fairly well in blocking out the fans from my computer. All four of them. About 90%.

The decided disadvantage of these vs. the noise-isolation phones (such as the Shure E3s)? Well, it doesn’t block all frequencies, but just the range of frequencies (the low/mid-bass to mid/high-bass range associated with engine roars). And the seal between the drivers and your ears should be close to 100% in order for the noise cancelling magic to do their work. Finally, you’ll need a cache of batteries, and the weight/discomfort that comes with housing said battery. If you’re willing to live with those and some comprimises in sound quality (poor vocals and questionable everything else), then you’re in game.

So now you know how I feel about the MDR-NC6 by Sony. It does its job and does it in a workman like manner. And you can do far worse with your $60, like get yourself an Apple In-Ear buds. If you did waste your money in that manner, then I know of real investment opportunity with this energy trading company.

And finally, reviews are indeed coming, I just need to put my thoughts down on paper long enough to… Ooh, Jack Bauer is in trouble again.

Next Planned Gear Review: iPod Nano (2GB/4GB)
Next Planned Phone Review: Grado SR60


Written by Damage

01/25/06 at 5:45 am

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