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Damage Reviews: iPod Nano 2/4 Gb

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It’s about stinking time I put my thoughts into words for the iPod Nano, quite possibly the most beautiful MP3 player to grace my palms. No, that honor belongs to the most brilliant chartruse RIO CE2110, but more on that bad boy later. Much later.

By now, everyone is familiar with Apple’s biggest hit since the original Macintosh computer itself some 22 years ago. It’s white (or black, like mine), it has a dead simple GUI, it’s flawed in some aspects to make the entire user experience a breeze, and it’s overall the most popular way to listen to MP3s and AAC files. But popular doesn’t necessairly mean it’s the best.

Read the entire review here.

And as an added bonus, a quickie review from the past, the review of D-NE20.

Read the entire review of D-NE20 here.


Written by Damage

01/27/06 at 6:49 am

Posted in Soapbox

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