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Splash Damage: impedance>=100; 15+15!=5+5; etc.

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Or, what I’m trying to say is that the more inefficient your gears are, the more you’re likely to get out of your stuff… Now, I’m getting myself all confused.

This is coming back to D-NE330, the 4th generation of ATRAC CD player (or 6th depending on how you’re going to count your gears) uses 15mW+15mW, and for the most part, I thought the volume issue was moot, that despite what it says it wasn’t louder than other ATRAC CD players of the past. I’m still sticking to that notion for the most part. However, I’ve been playing with it more and more, and I’m thinking that what headphones you use with it also makes a difference. Natch.

As I noted before, I have phones that are more or less efficient. Even the weakest of Sony’s portables can drive the headphones in my collection rather easily. So I broke out couple of phones that are bit notorious to power with weak portables, the infamous V6, and the Sony MDR-605. The MDR-605 is rather interesting set in that it’s open, it’s very light, and looks as if it were made for portable listening. Truth is, the last things you should use MDR-605s with are wimpy portable units. In my first go around, I was rather unimpressed with them, everything was just sort of…. meh~

Pairing the V6 and the MDR-605s with the D-NE330s yields a rather pleasant result. Volume wise, it’s pretty similar. However, the sound feels fuller with stronger amp on the D-NE330s than on other of the portable units. Everything feels fuller with stronger source on the MDR-605s vs the usual slate of 5+5 amps of old.

There is only one way to quantify this easily, that it takes less volume for me to drive the Car Stereo connection deck, aka the old CD->Tape thingamabob. Where as the normal units need to have the volume upped to near max, this unit can stay at ~half (15-17/30 for the Sony Equipped) and still drive the CD->Tape to very satisfactory levels. If nothing else, this make a good car unit should you decide not to use iPod or other mass means of music transportation. Or for those of us who grew up with the concept of CDs and still like to take it for spin now and again.

At least for the moment, what I’m telling you is my gut reaction-not to be taken as gospel. However, this since is the internet, some of you readers (of the few that actually visit), will take it as gospel.

Oh, as for the D-NE330? It’s a rather good unit, sounds closer to the “vaunted” D-NE900s, the noise and all, than the D-NE20 (a 3rd gen unit). What does this mean? Well, if you’re still using CD and MP3 CDs, this is a good portable unit. Long battery life, stronger amp, and decidedly better decoding action (ATRAC side of things, low bitrates only) means that you can’t get any better PCDP for $50. And it looks as though they may have solved some issues with media/buffering issues, but some of it did surface again with low bitrate ATRAC3plus files, oddly enough.

Damage gives the D-NE330 a temporary C+ for the unit, the biggest things against it are the crappy Jog Lever that requires more force than it’d appear and lack of a backlight on the LCD display. Latter is less of an issue since it’s a budget unit.


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02/10/06 at 6:38 am

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  1. Hey, thanks for the quick review. 🙂 I’m hoping also for an NE930/30. However, I’m not sure if Sony will include the 15mW feature, since the NE730/830 have the standard 5mW output.


    02/24/06 at 7:52 am

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