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Splash Damage: Nano Shuffle’s Kiss

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A post on iLounge has sparked a bit of a controversy.  Seems like in a dead rush to get the fabled Shuffle’s with LCDs, aka the 1GB Nanos out, some units (as reported by Engadget’s posters or along the iLounge) or possibly a lot or three, or all, of the said units now has a lip.  A Lip should help avoid the iPod from getting scratches, but it makes some of the screen protectors useless, at least ones without any adhesives.

Question is, is it intentional, or is it a defect?

Pic 1 | Pic 2 | Pic 3

Take a look, and judge for yourself. By the by, this is apparently the 2nd defect/addition/feature the Nano 1GB Shuffle has, the first one (maybe intentional) is that the backlight is dimmer and/or pinkish in hue.

Hmm, and you’d think just adding less memory would’ve been a pinch.

By the by, there is no lip on the 2GB and 4GB units.  From the looks of things, it sounds like a production defect that got missed (or overlooked and rolled into as a “feature”).  At the very least, we all know that this must be a con job since Apple can do no wrong…  Except for that In-Ear headphone that never stays in.  Or adding an FM Tuner.  Or using really soft plastic.  Wait, those are features too, right?



Written by Damage

02/13/06 at 8:09 am

Posted in Soapbox

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  1. Smoke and mirrors at best. Has it been confirmed by Apple?


    02/13/06 at 9:58 pm

  2. Not sure, I’d imagine that it’s most likely a production error on a lot or two.

    And unconfirmed by Apple, but according to the guy, some “genius” at the “Genius Bar” stated that this is a new feature…

    Kinda makes me want to question those geniuses.


    02/16/06 at 7:26 am

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