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Splash Damage: Ooo, what’s that shiny thing?

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Well, I was going to do a comprehensive review on a rather rare set of phones. No, not the Grado’s SR-40s, though they have been determined as one of those very rare phones.

Actually, it was going to be one of these babies:

The Sony MDR-605s, quite possibly the most comfortable set of headphones ever devised. I was going to point out that despite its wide and Grado like soundstage, the cluttered mid-range and nonexistant details, especially in the trebles, would otherwise sabotage this rather comfy and unique set of phones.

Then, the UPS guy dropped this off for Valentine’s day.

These are the MDR-SA1000. They share the same heritage pedigree as the MDR-SA5000, which have been called at times, the Baby Qualia 010. Apart from being incredibly futuristic looking, they also use quite futuristic words like Nano-Composite constructions and what not, promising something on the order of 8Hz-80kHz freq. response.

Yes, I know you can’t hear above 20kHz. And yes, that’s all you really need, 20-20, right?

Well, if you can splurge $100 (should be quite easy if you’re still sporting the iBuds), I say run and get these ASAP. Be prepared to listen to what I would consider at the moment, very revealing, very natural, and very detailed sound of that extra 60kHz offers you.

More is coming, but I can be very satisfied by summing it up with the words “wow”, “holy crap!”, and “Sweet Mother of God” amongst others. And this would be the very first gear that I can give a grade of A without any cavets or hesitation.


Written by Damage

02/16/06 at 7:23 am

Posted in Headphones, Soapbox

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