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Splash Damage: iBSTD part 2

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No, I’m not ranting and raving about the crappy ass ROKR or SLVR’s iTUNE cap. However, seems as though the IPOD I mean, iPod with Video eats right side of any given headphones like Wimpy at a Burger Joint on Thurday (since he’ll pay you back on Wednesday for a Hamburger today).

Hmm, chinks in the armor, babe? Trying to ramp up an artificial market for their iBuds? Or perhaps, the lack of Quality Control testing and such? Well, one more reason to get a Creative Zen Vision:M right?

And just as a thought.  If something like this occured on a Sony or a Creative gear, there’d be outcries from Apple and iPod contingency as to why their players are superior.  But this, the questionable builds on the iPod Nano and iPod Deluxe…   I think the rest of the net needs to exorcise their nose from Stevie J’s Ass.

Oh, and Sir Stringer, I expect that my lifetime supply of 1GB blanks and couple of those nifty A3000s are in the mail?


Written by Damage

02/18/06 at 5:29 pm

Posted in Soapbox

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