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Splash Damage: It’s Okay, if you’re willing to tune out a bit…

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There are recommendations, there are good recommendations, and then there are terrible recommendations.  This article strictly belongs with the rarely mentioned, but the worst of them all, What the fuck is he on recommendations.

If you are brave enough, then best of luck to ya.  To the rest of you who value your sanity, here’s the gist of it.  Bose QuietComforts, Shure E2, Apple In-Ears, JVC Gummies.  Well, 25% ain’t bad.

However, he did get a point right or two, you just have to wade through the trash to get to it:

 “Which goes to prove, sometimes quality isn’t dependent on cost.”

Someone might want to send this guy a pair of MDR-SA1000 (or the Shure E3s UE Pros), and see how he reacts.


Written by Damage

02/23/06 at 5:18 pm

Posted in Soapbox

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