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Splash Damage: Speaking of IEMS…

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I happened upon a pair of UE Super.fi 5 pros the other day (thanks Draconis), and I must say that dual driver IEMs do a much better job vs. single driver IEMs.  Except this isn’t really a pair of IEMs in my book.

Sure, they use same technology as the Shure’s or the Etys.  They’re pricey like those other IEMs mentioned, and provide a good balance of sound (and heaps of bass).  However, they use the same tips as the Sony EX series (used by heaps by Panasonic, Sennheiser, etc).  Though they do go in your canal’s like other IEMs, it doesn’t really provide that isolation that the other IEMs do…

Until you use the double flanges.  Then we’re talking business.

By the by, since these tips are interchangable between the Sony EXs, Senns, Sharps, Pannies, and so forth, you should order the tips from Ultimate Ears and see if they make a difference.  $20 will get you 5 pairs of double flanges or 10 pairs of foamies.  For comfort, and maybe rounding out the sound a bit (adding bass, taming trebles), nothing beats a good pair or two of foamies.


Written by Damage

02/23/06 at 5:28 pm

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