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Splash Damage: SonicStage + CDDB = Addiction

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SonicStage, rightly for the most part, has been panned by many as obtrusive, slow, and rather crappy jukebox product.  However, with SonicStage 3.0 and onwards, thanks to PSP’s inability to play DRM’d (on purpose?) ATRAC files, it’s become a lot better.

With SonicStage 3.4, there’s a new toy that makes it a really freaking powerful jukebox.  Or at least one of the most powerful tagging programs.  Using proper hacks outlined on Atraclife.com’s forums, you can tag your media library (sorry AAC and OGGites, you’re hosed here for the time being) using GET CD INFO.  Be it MP3s, WAV, ATRAC, or whatever, it apparently scans the music info, and gets the CD/Album info associated with that said album.  It’s addictive, it’s fun, and it lets me know easily if I’m missing a track or two or three…

It gets annoying from there on, knowing that you’re missing tracks here and there, but that’s life.  It’s a little slow, but that’s understandable since you’re having your compy scan the individual music file than tag it properly.  About a minute or two per album for an average album.

And the way it organizes music by album is more intuititve than iTunes insistence of organizing by tracks.  Well, it is to me…  But I’m still used to listening to music on an album basis.

SonicStage, however, still has its issues.  For instance, it can’t properly group album together like it was able to with 2.0 (and call it compilation album or such).   Aside from that little buggery, I’m rather happy with SonicStage 3.4.

All it needs is is an iPod plugin.  Of course.


Written by Damage

02/25/06 at 8:24 am

Posted in Soapbox

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  1. i love that feature, i’m more album inclined too so the ss library has alway felt natural to me.


    02/27/06 at 12:56 am

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