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Splash Damage: The HolyPod

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It looks like the Holy Father the 16th Benedict gets a white iPod complete with laser (peww! peww!). Of course, he gets all the classical/baroque music and the breaking podcasts from the Vatican Radio Network.  Though, they should’ve really pocketed out extra fifty euros and gave the Holy Father the 4gigger.  Seriously, he is the Holy Father, the Pope, el Papa, etc.

And heaven forbid if he got a Single Gigger iPod Nano!  Now that would be just ingracious and just asking for some Excommunication!

Sir Stringer, if you are by some odd coincidence (say, the planets have aligned themselves unbeknownst to the entire Astronomical Community) reading this, send the holy father his. At least a Walkman Branded Phone, with some high speed Duo Cards. Because the leader of the billions of Catholics should not have to carry an iPod and a phone. And make it gold, it matches his gears and such that he has to wear…



Written by Damage

03/4/06 at 6:51 pm

Posted in Soapbox

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