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I recently noticed that this particular blog was ranked as one of the faster growing blogs hosted by WordPress. So to the new visitors, much thanks, and keep on coming back. I promise I’ll eventually post the stuff that you’re all looking for.

More Gratitious reviews of Headphones

And more gadgetry pornography! (Ping! Extra points on teh Google!).

All kidding aside, I have a buttload of backlong I do need to get through. One of those includes a full and comprehensive review of the MDR-SA1000 (you can read the initial comparision with XD400 by following the link on the right side –>). The other includes random gear in my collection, including the MZ-NH1, and the Walkman w800i Phone…

More on the Walkman Phone: There are couple of major, glaring flaws. However, given those flaws and such, I find that this phone has basically replaced my Rio/iPod/Sansa as the primary DAP of choice these days. It’s really all about the convenience of carrying only one gadget (that’s the size of Gameboy Micro I reckon) vs. two or three.

Coming from the rather ginormous N-Gage QD (not a musicphone, considering that its predecessor the N-Gage was!), the Walkman w800i is a breath of fresh air. Sound Quality that rivals the iPod, a great phone that’s power-miser, Bluetooth, a great cameraphone…

As always, aside from those aforementioned flaws, there are couple of inconsistencies as well. However, for most of us that doesn’t demand the absolute best in portable situations, the Walkman w800i could possibly be the last phone that you’ll need for a long while.

Just remember to invest in a high speed memory card, your patience will thank you (unless you’re still using Hi-MD, then you’re right at home).


Written by Damage

03/14/06 at 10:01 pm

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