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Splash Damage: DRM eats drinks(?) Batteries

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File this under unsubstantiated but interesting nonetheless a lot of hot air.

Seems though that PlaysForSure Standalone and Subscription has a habit of eating more batteries from the players than un-DRM’ed music file, according to this article. Problem is, the comparison itself is invalid since it compares Apples and Oranges… err… MP3s and WMAs.

A more meaningful comparison would be WMA 10 files DRM vs no DRM. However, CNet hasn’t done such comparison. One that’s been done (and is much more meaningful) is the DRM vs. no DRM on the iPod. The battery life differential on that particular scenario was closer to 8%, which I would supsect that’d be the case on the WMA vs. WMA.

Remember, the WMA 10 is a much more advance codec, in terms of compression and such, and that itself may have some difference in battery life as well.

So, a much better comparison would be MP3 vs. WMA un-DRMed. Then do WMA v. WMA-DRM. Without such distinction, this comparison, like a lot of things on the internet, is bunch of hot air.

But then again, if it’s anti DRM, then it must be correct. Much like how ATRAC is teh Suck since some random people on the net said so.


Written by Damage

03/16/06 at 11:05 am

Posted in Soapbox

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