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Splash Damage: Shady Things, part deux

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I suppose this program would come in very handy if you have plenty of DRM’d WMAs or M4As, but device that doesn’t support such files.  Tunebite essentially transcodes those dirty DRM’d files into unDRM’d MP3s during playback (by acting as a virtual sound card, if I understand it to be correct).  I’m not sure how legit (or allowable under the License Agreement that you agreed on without reading every single fine print) this is, but if you have a lot of outdated gear and a lot of DRM’ed files that you’d like to take with you, this might be a way to do things.  Prepare to pony up an extra $20 (15 euros) for the privilege.

I’m sure there are cheaper (read freer) way of doing this, I just don’t quite remember off top of my head.

And if you need an excuse, remember, DRM’d files eats batteries like there’s no tomorrow.

On the Damage Shady-o-Meter, it ranks right below allofmp3.com and other fine and respectable Russian MP3 sites.  YMMV, but I have a feeling that if this thing gets too big, it’ll incur the wrath of StevieJ and BillyG.


Written by Damage

03/16/06 at 10:53 pm

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