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Splash Damage: Can’t we all just FARKing get along?

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Courtesy of Fark.com, since I don’t expect StevieJ’s Canaba Boys Engadget to report on this, and DAPReview‘s been semi-farked.

Seems like StevieJ’s Cabana Boys Engadget has been caught ripping off pictures from DAPReview and this has gotten some the people at DAPReview all tizzied up. I’d link the actual DAPReview’s article for your consumption but… it just gets puked.

Rather than instigate this into some unholy war for your Gear Loving mind…. Ah, who the hell am I kidding? Screw those guys, you’re already here!

All snark aside, however, it’s looking more and more like StevieJ’s Cabana Boys’ egos or DAPReview’s ego is getting too big for their britches (what’s a britche?). Frankly, the boys at DAPreview do a fine job at reporting DAP related stuff (better than me if that’s worth anything) and StevieJ’s Cabana Boys Engadget do whatever that they do well too. Shame that couple of egos do get in the way of what should be fair reporting.

Just in case if you’ve any questions, you know where my alligences lie. Sir Stringer, I’ll be good boy now.

Update: Comes in a form of mea culpa from one of the managing editors which you can see here. Kinda like those companies that rip off people with some random scam that gets caught red handed by local consumer reporter types (Oh Ric!). They then issue refund and mea culpa and everythings all better.

Except DAPReview really needs to find better hardware for their server. I think someone spilled beer on it or something.


Written by Damage

03/20/06 at 12:24 pm

Posted in Soapbox

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