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Splash Damage: MZ-RH1, Faster!

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Courtesy of MDCF, Seems as though the MZ-RH1 keeps on getting better, now with 2x the current transfer speed should mean less waiting time for you and me when uploading or downloading tracks (if memory serves, the current devices gets around 500-600kB/s or about 1/2 the 11mbps throughput of the USB 1.1 specs). While it’s no barnburner by any means, it’s still better than being stuck in the stone ages, reading War and Peace while you wait for your music to finally finish transferring.

Seems like this will be the best MD Unit evar.

Update: This update courtesty of MDCenter.nl (including high res photos), and boy this is a doozy:

Highlights: 2x Transfer Speed, remembers all of the mic settings and such (even after power-down), USB Charging (so USB battery-pack looks like a definite possiblity), full line out.  Sadly, because this is a pre-production (or prototype), the remote only uses one single line.  Barring that minor overlook, seems like this has the makings of the best MD Unit evar.


Written by Damage

03/24/06 at 12:40 pm

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