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Splash Damage: Apple + Sony

Joke part 2 after the jump.

My Bantha spies forgot to pass this information, but I've gotten my dirtyhands on this late breaking information.

Flush with all that profit from Pixar Sale to Disney, Steve Jobs has just purchased Sony for an unknown sum of money.

Update: More on the proposed merger/purchase of Sony Electronics by Apple. Here were some of the information that my spies were able to pass off to me.

-Deal includes Sony/BMG and Sony/Columbia Pictures

-Steve Jobs to be the new CEO of Apple + Sony. Sir Howard Stringer to be named the new COO.

Details are still bleak, but the rumor mills are on full blast, and from what I'm hearing, the entire Sony structure in Japan is to be closed or merged with Cupertino campus in the US.

Update 2: Slight update, seems like the entire Walkman line is to be retired…

Update 3: My spies tells me the deal's off. Seems like Jobs and Stringer couldn't quite agree on dinner entree choice, Stringer and Jobs got upset, and his Jobsiness stormed off. Seems like the restaurant that Stringer picked didn't have any organic veggie steamed with the 2001 vintage chardonnay (or was that 2000 vintage blush?)…

Either way, looks like the entire iWalkman line and APPLE + SONY is off. Ah well, what a turbulent day that was.

Now, if we all can do something about those zombies.


Update 4: Brainzzz… brainss…send brainss… to… damaged.gears@brainzzzzzzz.com…. brainzzzz…. BraINz…
All of this, of course, pending stockholder and governmental approval.


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