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Splash Damage: iPod Generation 6

Joke part 1 w/ bad Photoshop after the jump.

Many a bantha spies died to bring us this exclusive. This is the rumored 6th Generation iPod, but it took an unexpected turn. As you can see, some unholy alliance has formed between Stringer and Jobs, and as of today, all iPods are branded iWalkman.

Details are still scant, but here were some details that the spies were able to relay over before being keeled over by Apple + Sony Ninjas.

Biggest news is that all iWalkman (from 1st Gen to this 6th Gen, Nano and Mini via iPod firmware upgrades) will not only have AAC, MP3, WAV, ALAC, AIFF playback, but will be able to playback all ATRAC3/plus files, including ATRAC-Lossless! This will eventually tie in with iTMS being able offer content for both PSP and iPods/iWalkmans in the future (more on that bottom) . Also included with the new hardware upgrade is that the new iPod/iWalkman have much improved battery life, somewhere between 45-65 hours of playback per charge. There's also news that the headphone jack will double as powered mic port in recording mode (now built in).

Secondly, the Connect Store will be shut down and replaced with iTunes. iTMS will supposedly offer downloads in Fairplay and ATRAC3plus in 256kbps once switch over is complete, sometime in May. The new store will be called iTunes Music Store + Connect. One can only assume that this is in response to the Frog's new Anti-DRM proposal to show that Apple is willing to allow some sort of cross connectivity.

Video downloads will be handled by this store as well, and playback will be compatible with iPod, PSP, and certain mobile devices.Sadly, with this comes a very bad news for MD fans. MZ-RH1's release has been outright cancelled, with additonal production capacity ramped towards the iPod/iWalkman by Apple + Sony. However, the new 6G iWalkman will have recording capabilites that equal or surpass MiniDisc's recording abilities. Is this indeed the iPod iWalkman that we've been waiting for?

More news forthcoming on 4/1/07.


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04/1/06 at 12:35 am

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  1. LOL…April Fool


    04/1/06 at 7:01 am

  2. All your mockery and treachery is dishonoring all the memories of dead, Bantha spies. How dare you?!?


    04/1/06 at 10:21 am

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