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Splash Damage: MDR-EX90. Part Deux

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I've been using the MDR-EX90 for about a week now.  There are couple things that strikes me:

1.  Long cords has its problems.  I believe the US Market only receives the LP Model of the EX90.  Which is fine, until you start adding things between your player and your cans.  For example, I've been using the EX90s with the Walkman W800i Phones (a fine 2 hit combination of left and right).  However, it has a way of getting tangled with the headset cable, which are necessary to listen to the music onboard without using the speaker on the phone itself.  Whereas the SP headphones are perfect in length, the LP will get itself tangled…  Go figure.

2.  The driver is large, ungainly, and very reminiscinent of the Super Fi 5 Extended Bass (EB).  As a result, it's less comfortable on the ears vs. the other EX series or EX like headphones, such as the new Senns, the Sharps, the Panasonics, etc.  Comfort is one thing, SQ another.  A good set of phones has SQ in spades.  A great set of phones will not only have SQ in spades, but also strikes a balance of comfort and long term usage as well.  The SA1000 has comfort and SQ, and that helps it propel this particular set of cans into one of the best cans.  Right now, I can't quite say the same for EX90s, the driver housing, much like the Shure E2s, is a tad large.


Written by Damage

05/7/06 at 9:36 pm

Posted in Headphones, Soapbox

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  1. Hi Damage ,
    Nice Review 😀
    How will you compare these with CX300(Acc to me Cx300 lacks in Bass department )in bass ..Are EX90 good for listening Pop OR Disco???

    Sorry Damage, i posted this in some other blog as well.please delete it from there .


    05/11/06 at 10:56 pm

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