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Splash Damage: Help Wanted

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Must be an audio-geek/geekette (We're an Equal Opportunity Blog).
Must be willing to provide their own gears for review.
Must be able to write at least one article a week, though not necessairly reviews.
Must be able to write something remotely on topic and interesting, though interestingness comes first.
Must have a camera to take occassional picture or three.
And, most important, must have a WordPress.com Account (you can sign up sans Blog now!). Sign up w/ WordPress.com, or inquire for an account.

Do you fit any one of these criterion?

Damaged Gears is an audio-agnostic blog. Please inquire with your comments.


Written by Damage

05/8/06 at 12:00 pm

Posted in Soapbox

2 Responses

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  1. I’d like to help with the blog.


    05/10/06 at 7:18 am

  2. audio-agnostic, nice.

    Though I fit the bill sometimes, I don’t know that I fit it consistently enough to post weekly / be of much help around here. I’ll continue to read and comment where I can, though 🙂 That and I can’t imagine myself buying a lot of different gear than that which you use, I’m not agnostic enough (ironically, I used to be about the players that offered drag and drop and ogg and all that loveliness, but I tend to lean the way of proprietary devices these days– namely Sony and Apple products. What have I become?…)


    05/19/06 at 2:24 pm

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