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While it's nice to start your hobbies or endeavours with zeal and enthusiasm, remember to do it in moderation.  For instance, it's nice to have a steak every now and then, but no normal person would dare to have the 72oz. steak every day for the rest if his life.  Likewise, you can get started with one or two low end units, but not 10 or 20 "vintage" units that fetches a premium whenever they rear their ugly, but charming in its own way, head.

Case in which belongs to this poster at head-fi and his recent experiences, which includes a bit of E-Bay Scamming.  Getting into collecting anything is fun, but remember to keep it under moderation.  

But then again, with the proper finger pointing, you always have to remember that there's three fingers pointing back at you.  Natch.

(Those of you that are familiar with my past history would argue that I'd do this occassionally  with headphones or MD/audio gears, so I'd like to stave that off if I can.  Why I can tell you the times I went full gusto with those mini sized MP3 players…)


Written by Damage

05/11/06 at 4:35 pm

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