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Splash Damage: KSC-75, $10 Worthwhile

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Briefly then:

Walk, nay run, nay Drive, to your local Radio Shack (or if you're so inclined, hit up
Radioshack.com, and no I ain't gonna link it, you're going to type it up the old fashioned way).

Once you're there, you'll look for KSC75 clip on headphones.  Drop $10 (or $20 for 2) for a set of your very own KSC-75 clip ons.  They have a bit of that flavor of the month vibe to them, and for good reason.  You probably won't find a finer set of clip on headphones for the price that they're asking for.  Fairly well balanced phones, if a bit bassy, slightly brighter than your average cans, and lacking in separation and overall 3-D staging.  But then again, you can lay out a meal for $10 and not be satisfied as with a pair of KSC75s.

However, these are clip-ons, which have their own set of problems.  If you're wearing glasses, they will eventually interfere with the glasses that you're sporting.  Also, the clip-on action needs a little bit of adjustment (or you can mod them and use a cheap $1 frame or such).   Unlike Sony's cumbersome and painful clip-ons though, these are well built, exude quality, and… well, just plain well made.  The moniker Made In U.S.A. still stands for quality, at least with Koss-which I need to verify to make sure that they are indeed of US origin.

Finally, if you don't like the volume controller, then you can either solder it out or price match it a local Circuit City, though I've not seen the KSC75 at a local one near by.


Written by Damage

05/12/06 at 8:31 pm

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  1. Yeah I bought some of these several months back– great bang for the buck. Most of the time I find myself listening to in-ear buds (EX71 or Shure E3… itching to get the EX90 if I can find the SL variety), but some types of music are more fun with an open headphone like this, which is why I bought them. Maybe I should get some nicer open / airy headphones (don’t know if that’s the correct word to descrive these, but that’s how it comes across to me).

    Radio Shack eh? I might have to pick up another pair. I don’t know if I can agree on the quality issue, I think if you take care of them it shouldn’t be a problem, but otherwise they’re a little fragile. One of the ears on mine is a bit crackly sometimes (not enough to be terribly bothersome) and one of the clips comes off frequently, I find myself re-attaching it all the time (though it’s just coming off in transit– not while sitting on my ear).

    Great find!


    05/19/06 at 2:17 pm

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