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OR the biggest hub-bub in regards to the newest Jukeboxes – the lack of Podcast support.

There was one thing that I overlook (though I really shouldn't), since I dont' use that feature much, and it's the podcasting folder of the iTunes.  It makes downloading podcasts, which for all three of you still living in a cave in France during the ice ages, automatic.  As soon as you're subscribed…  Waitaminute, if you're reading this then you know pretty much that it's automatic.  The three or four of you that just came abaord can find this out yourself.  

Go ahead, I'll wait.

As pointed out by some, the new WMP11, SonicStage 4.0 Featuring CP, MediaMonkey, and other alternatives really lack that automatic Podcasting support, and that hurts their ability to take the mindshare away.  Sure, you're not going to be able to use the iTunes store to find that RSS feed and download the Podcast, and then take that extra step and sync it automatically.  However, it shouldn't be that hard to add a simple RSS reader to a podcasting clearing central, schedule automatic download, and then auto sync to a device of choice now is it?

It's even more urgent for the players that are locked into a single format to introduce this, or at least provide the SDK so that users can easily set this up with a script or some small addition.  To Sony's credit, there are heavy rumblings of opening up SonicStage and ATRAC codec.  Something like what I proposed may be coming in the near future, if not by the SonicStage staff, then hopefully by intrepid users. 

Likewise, there are plugins for WMP that does this as well, so I am told.  However, shouldn't this be really standard for a lot of these jukeboxes and players that syncs to external mp3 players these days. 

After all, if iTunes can make it easy, then at least other players should be able to do this on their own without any external assistance.  

Seriously, it's 2006 folks.

(Conversely, the argumafent that a lot of Podcasts are crap and tripe makes me wonder whether or not not being exposed to Podcasts a good thing.  Something to mull on…)

Other Topics at hand

1.  So, I'm getting used to using IEMs again, and broke out the Shure E3s out for this purpose.  For all I know, the damn thing is supposed to be bass light, and my memory tells me it's bass light.  However, listening to it on the Shuffle (now Monkeyed by Media Monkey), it doesn't seem that bass shy.  Sure, compared to the other IEMS, it is bass shy (especially vs. the two driver using SuperFis), but not to the point that I thought it was.  The proper term would be lacking in impact.

2.  I generally prefer the foamie inserts vs the silicon inserts w/ the Shures, but they are itchy and bothersome.  Nitpicky to be sure, but nonetheless.

3.  MediaMonkey (an iTunes alternative) is rather handy to have and have resurrected (or rather, made syncing to) the Shuffle.  Apple may not admit it, but either the last firmware 1.1.3 or iTunes will confuse the poor thing to a point where it'll start to exhibit symptoms of the Stockholm syndrome.  To know about it is one thing, not to provide a bugfix for it when it is possible (I'm certain that it is) is another.  Worse than the Microsoft methodology.

4.  So, how about them Cowboys?

5.  Or for that matter, I'm thinking whether or not I should just use Rockbox again?  Come on, it ain't that hard to have real working Graphic EQ now, is it?  If Sony can do it, why can't Apple?  Nitpicking?  Hardly, when you can't even do a proper Bass Boost without distortion.


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06/1/06 at 9:06 pm

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