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Damaged Gears: Hack your Bose

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This one courtesy of Hack-a-day.

One Mr. Mike Kruckenberg, being that mighty electronics hacker that he is (or not), decided to add an AUX port to his Bose SoundDock System.  You can see what's required here in the article.  Aside from a spare cable or two, you'd also need a rather steady hand since the iPod Dock is rather cramped.  That, and you'd also need the gumption to go ahead and destroy potentially ruin $250 speaker dock, but hey, what's $250 these days when you're expected to blow $400 per year on a new iPod?


Written by Damage

06/5/06 at 11:40 am

Posted in Soapbox

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  1. Hehe. Must be one of those hacks they do “because they can”. Honestly, if like like the Bose sound you can still find those Bose MediaMate speakers at Costco/Sam’s Club sometimes, and they sound better to me than the SoundDock.


    06/6/06 at 11:30 am

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