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Splash Damage: Vista and your Gears…

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A Question before I start: Should I whore out myself in order to have a shot at a fairly decent price?  See iLounge.com's new Blog our Book and win stuff for details.  Hey, at the very least, I'd still like to pretend that I maintain this in an audio agnostic manner.

In what could be an interesting experiment, I'm prepping my computer to be a guinea pig-I'm going to attempt an installation of the publicly available Vista Beta.  Google it up, or MSN it up, if you're interested.

In particular, I'm interested in how Vista (paired with WMP11) will handle your media library vs. how WMP11 under XP handles it.  I suspect under WMP itself, it won't be that dramatically different.  However, I would like to see if Vista itself can provide similar album experience with standard UMS (or drag and drop) devices without the WMP trappings.  

I expect this to be a non topic starter, but nonetheless…



Written by Damage

06/9/06 at 9:05 pm

Posted in DAP, Et Cetera, Soapbox

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