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Splash Damage: iPod Shuffle vs. Owner w/ Knife

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If you wre ever up late at night, thinking who'd win the decisive battle between a non-functional (or functional) iPod, and the race that created him (man) armed with a knife, you need to worry no longer.  An irate person named Chris T. took a knife to the iShuffle, and the iShuffle, not wanting that kind of abuse, decided to fight back with a self destruct mechanism, a.k.a. its battery.  The Result?  This worthy of the moniker, Damaged Gears.

Chris T., we here at Damaged Gear would like to remind you that it's about evolving with your gear, not getting yourself damaged in anyway because, or inspite, of your gear.  

Which begs the question, why he was the only one to suffer this fate when there were others engaging in the same, dangerous activity?


Written by Damage

06/19/06 at 8:13 am

Posted in DAP, Et Cetera, Soapbox

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  1. Hahaha… somehow that is hilarious. Then again, I almost never open up my gadgets.

    Hey I’m still waiting for some reviews– did I read wrong that there’d be more fleshed out reviews of the MDR-710SL and the SA1000 coming?


    06/22/06 at 8:35 am

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