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Splash Damage: iPod Shuffle’s Woes

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If you’ve been keeping up with this blog, you know that I had problems with iPod Shuffle as of late. Thankfully, a bit of sluething and google-fu action helped me revive my Shuffle. Others have been not so lucky, but the problems and symptoms that’s been plaguing other shuffle owners have been made public by this article from PC World/Yahoo. The question then rises, was this planned bit of obsolescenes so that the users affect will upgrade to a more expensive iPod model, such as the iPod Nano?

The formula is simple. Take one Shuffle updated with the newest firmware, add the lastest iTunes, and you got yourself a bricked iPod Shuffle. Now, the problem is severe enough that no steps that you do (including the five R’s from apple) will rescue the Shuffle in question. It is more or less dead. Symptoms include the dreaded green-orange LED Blinking, and iTunes reporting that it can not write to the Shuffle, though (if you have disc mode enabled) drag and drop works, and you’re otherwise able to use the Shuffle as a Memory Stick.

Even if you have the thing under AppleCare warranty, you will still have to shell out about $40 for shipping and handling.  At that price, it becomes much more palatable to pay the extra $20-50 a new Shuffle or $100 more for a new iPod Nano. And you at least get a screen to go with it, right?

There are, fortunately, ways to get around this, as so long as you remember to have the disk mode activation. One solution is to use the drag and drop solution and use iPod DB Shuffler. Other is to use the MediaMonkey, or the newest version of Winamp, which also comes with iPod shuffle support.

For those of you that are not aware, MediaMonkey is an iTunes replacement jukebox sans DRM/iTunes store support.  Unfortunately this means that you lose out on the Podcasting as well.  However, if you find yourself without a functional iPod (but can access the disk image), then you can still rescue the Shuffle.

And some $40 in the process. Worth the shot, no?


Written by Damage

06/25/06 at 7:59 pm

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  1. My MP3 Diary, December 19, 2006 (Australia)

    1.30pm – Returned 1GB AWA MP3 player that spontaneously stopped working three months after I bought it.

    2.00pm – Was willing to pay AUD$19 extra to upgrade to the new super-mini iPod shuffle that has far fewer features -just in order to get some quality.

    5.30pm – Downloaded iTunes, read iPod instructions, installed everything. Sync failure – loaded only five of 15 songs. Ejected iPod and tested the five songs. Worked. Plugged iPod back in. Said it needed to upgrade iPod software to version 1.0.2. Funny, I thought. Must have just released this today – no such message when I first installed. Install? Okay. Failed to upgrade. iPod no longer works. Lights indicate firmware damaged.

    8.45pm – iPod no longer displays in iTunes. Finished off my vain attempts to restore my iPod with a brief read of your article.

    9.05pm – Walked out of store with no MP3 player and AUD$117 in refund.

    9.20pm – No intention of buying MP3 player in near future. No intention of future customer relationship with Apple. Believe technology is for using, not endlessly fixing.


    12/19/06 at 3:21 am

  2. Actually, just one other thing re your article.

    Using drag-and-drop as a way to get around the problem was not an option for me. There was no iPod display to drag to!

    Goodbye, Apple


    12/19/06 at 3:28 am

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