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Splash Damage: MDR-EX90 episode V, NW-HD5 episode III

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Small, but a significant observation of both occupying the same spot in a pocket.  There’s a nice round dent where the two met in my pocket (unintentionally I shoved them in my pocket for a nice 2 hour drive).  Surprisingly, the dent’s on the HD5 rather than the EX90.  Moral of the lesson?

The EX90s are Very durable.

This also brings me to my second point, which I brought up earlier.  Transcoding.  It’s evil, I’m very aware of it.  And it’s something I shouldn’t take very lightly.  After all, the quality of my audio does suffer, especially in the high end of things.  Everytime a cymbol goes off, it sounds like someone’s hitting it underwater…

Yet, I’m disturbed by the fact that I can live with it. Does that make me a bad person?

Probably not.  But I bet there are dozens of you that are crining at the thought of listening to transcoded junk?  Right?  Unfortunately, Sony Electronics, in its might wisdom, declared that only ATRAC3plus files will have full functionalities with this particular model.  So given that, it was fairly natural to say.  The whole 64kbps thing was out of necessity-the hardware doesn’t support ATRAC3plus at 128kbps where history otherwise would tell us it would (See ATRAC CD players, D-NE1 for the most blatant example of this).

Interestingly enough, I find the transcoded ATRAC files much more tolerable than the transcoded WMA Files.  Yep, I did that too on my Rio to see how much it can hold and if I could live with the quality as well.  I can live with it, but doesn’t mean I have to like it.  Quality is very questionable with WMA transcoded file as well.  Actually, it just sounds piss poor, where as the ATRAC3plus files can almost fool most people into thinking that it is something of an 128kbps MP3 flavor (as previously marketed by Sony).  Well, it could fool people into thinking that it is either XING 128 flavored MP3 or 96kbps MP3.  Something of a shock, and maybe a testament to the ATRAC3plus encoder’s improved quality, perhaps.  Other than that, meh.


Written by Damage

07/16/06 at 8:19 pm

Posted in DAP, Headphones, Soapbox

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