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Damaged Threads: SR-60 with $1000 UPGRADES!1!

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In, what I hope to be a semi-regular feature to Damaged Gears, some amusing threads from various audio forums.  And for the first thread, there is this jewel of a thread.  Some Head-Fi‘ers noticed a particulary amusing (fradulent, no!) auction where the seller claimed to have a Grado SR-60 with:

“Here are the 2 of the most important ones. One of the two most important one is sensativaly. In Production you have to listen to smallest sound. It was made so the audio guy could pick it up and try to edit as most as he can out. The second most important upgrade was the anti blowout. Cause of all the mic ed gunshots. we blow out a lot of headphones. These where made to with stand any type of treatment.”


“The Cable I believe was remade because of all the extra wires. I think it is the same quality as the stock. I think that the phones do inculde the bowl pads. I not sure what they are but if you mind the black wind things then yes. And Of course the springs where upgraded.”

One more for the road:

“…a pair of SR 60 with BOSE and Plasma Stax Drivers. they do have the ardarvin mod.”

I want my G-G-G-Grados!


Written by Damage

07/25/06 at 9:06 am

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