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Spalsh Damage: NW-E005F, the Bean’s Successor

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And the Core’s.  And the Circ’s, or whatever the hell nomenclenture for Sony’s Walkman go these days.  It makes for a great iPod Shuffle replacement, with the exception of the whole SonicStage/MP3 File Manager Tidbit.  If, however, you’re a dyed in the wool Sony-whore like I am, the question isn’t should I or shouldn’t I, but when, and do I run or walk to the nearest shop.

For everyone else, the question is a little deeper, especially if you count the ergonomics of the player into the mix.  Add a few of these niggling points, and you have to wonder if this is indeed really the Shuffle Killer.   All of these points aside, this is a value packed player that is worthy if you’re in need to replace the iShuffle.  And then, there is that software issue, and something about dropping the ball…

At anyrate, stay tuned, a review will be forthcoming.


Written by Damage

08/23/06 at 4:05 pm

Posted in Soapbox

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