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Splash Damage: the “New” iPods.

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So, how exactly groundbreaking are the new features of the 5.5G iPods?  Let’s break it down one by one.

  • Gapless Playback: Rockbox had it for a while now, and lest anyone forget, Sony’s had Gapless playback on all of their DAPs, properly using ATRAC, and very tiny when using MP3s.  Nothing new here.
  • Instant Search: Or, what Sony has dubbed “Initial Search” was available since 2004.  I’m very certain that I’m forgetting there are other DAPS that’s implemented this as well outside of the Sony DAPs.

That’s the two of the biggest features touted with the new iPods.  Somehow, they’re not that new nor revolutionary.

Lest we forget iTunes, the new “Album view” is highly reminiscient of WMP11’s Album view as well.  The whole Cover Rack thing aside, iTunes is very late when it comes to organizing via Albums (vs. Tracks).  SonicStage, for all its bugs and warts, has been doing it since its 2.0 incarnation.

So, there it is.  What was once old is new again.  Especially the new “Mini” Nanos.


Written by Damage

09/12/06 at 12:23 pm

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  1. Gapless is a lot bigger to me than that. It wouldn’t have been, but the fact that MP3s!!!!! are now gapless even when not ripped any special way is huge. The iPod is gapless. NOT the file format on the iPod. The IPOD is. That’s a leap ahead of Sony, not requiring a proprietary codec just to get gapless. Maybe it’s not such a big deal to other people, but I have just been unchained from any kind of need for either proprietary formats that only play back on Sony’s software/players or open source codecs that are also not as widely supported.


    09/21/06 at 3:18 pm

  2. Oh P.S…. in context of your actual post, you’re right- not a ton special about the “new” iPod. The gapless playback I mentioned is happening for me on a 5.0 G 30gig iPod that’s a year old. Just a firmware update is all it took.

    I think the *real* new iPods are yet to come.


    09/21/06 at 3:20 pm

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