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Splash Damage: Zune, the new Brown?

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So, we know that Zune comes in Black, White, and Brown (so, it has to mean brown in some unknown foreign language).  We know it has 30GB HD, WiFi, a big and juicy display (QVGA, but bigger than iPod’s QVGA or 320×240 display), and suite of accessories.

And the new Zune software will try to attempt to out-do the iTunes + iPod combo, with easy a la carte and subscription purchasing options.

So, now the pieces are falling into place.  Apple can claim that their 30GB iPods will be $50 cheaper than Zune (assuming $300 MSRP, but then again, this is Microsoft we’re talking about).  And they can say that their screens are brighter.  And it is iPod, and that is perhaps Apple’s greatest advantage.

However, lest we forget, once Microsoft puts its mind to it, it can drive even the most formidable and entrenched competition out of business, or make them irrelevant.  Ask Palm and Nintendo about that.  Hell, ask Sony about how the Walkman label’s doing these days.


Written by Damage

09/14/06 at 9:57 am

Posted in Soapbox

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  1. Heh. I don’t think Nintendo’s dead yet, and if I heard right they didn’t even sell that many fewer GC’s than Xbox sold. Even more interesting is that Nintendo is now mimicing Apple with their marketing, etc.

    You’re right. The iPod IMAGE is the one thing MS will have to topple. We’ll see if they do better than Sony at putting some muscle into attractive marketing.


    09/21/06 at 3:14 pm

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