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Splash Damage: NW-S70X Series – Premium up the Wazoo

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This courtesy of ATRACLife, where a lot of misinformation about Sony DAPs gets cleared.

The NW-E00X series gets some serious upgrade with the NW-S70X Series.  It features the standard 1GB~4GB storage, all major codec support (WMA, AAC, MP3, ATRAC3plus-no AAC+HE seemingly), color display, and the round pillish/stickish design that’s quickly becoming the norm for the new Walkman these days.  So, with prices ranging from £99~£179 ($179~$349, likely to be lower for US release), what sets this model apart from the competition?

1.  Built in NC Circuitry.  Now, you can turn your $5 earbuds to $150 Sennheiser HD-150 to $1000 Stax into a noise cancelling headphone.  Couple this with your favorite IEMs and you can see that you’re more or less guaranteed a very quiet and peaceful commutes or plane rides.

2.  MDR-EX90 type standard pack-in.  This model will be packed with the MDR-EX90 type headphones, which begs the question if these will be the MDR-EX85s (just recently announced as a budget version of EX90s).  For once, you get a pack in earbuds that costs more than $0.99, and was dug out of an unmarked warehouse in Myanmar.

Here at Damaged Gears, the MDR-EX90 has found itself as one of the better sub $100 phones you can buy, so even the budget version of the EX90 will be a significant upgrade from the usual pack-ins (as a note, the Sansa E140 included what was essentially a rebadged V-Moda headphones, selling for $40 range).

Clearly, Sony’s taking a new path to beating the iPod-quality over price.  It’ll be quite interesting to see how Apple will (not) respond to this series.

Also of note, there will be a cheaper, stripped down version of the S70X series featuring brushed metal finish rather than the matte/chrome (?) finish of the standard S70X. They will not include the NC Circuitry and/or the EX90 type phones.  More as it breaks.


Written by Damage

10/5/06 at 8:00 am

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  1. Now, you can turn your $5 earbuds to $150 Sennheiser HD-150 to $1000 Stax into a noise cancelling headphone.
    ‘fraid not; only the dedicated phones with build in microphones will do NC AFAIK.

    Yep, I was going to point that out in another post. I did see them in person and only the supplied buds can take advantage of the NC ability. Still, it’s still heckuva better than the normal supplied buds on other flash players, no?


    11/1/06 at 1:17 am

  2. Damage,Did you had a chance to try these ?


    12/6/06 at 2:01 pm

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