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Splash Damage: NW-S70X updates

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More bombshells for the NW-S70X series.  Again, all of these from ATRACLife, which has been batting 1.000 when it comes to ATRAC gears.

  • ATRAC Lossless and PCM Support.
  • EX85 (Cheaper EX90’s recently announced) type confirmed, though the MIC is going to be on the driver unit as opposed to on the playback unit.  Though this effectively eliminated using your own headphones with NC magick, you still have a decent set of headphones with Noise Cancellation.  Think of it this way, you won’t need to shell out $100 for that Triport IEs.  (Though why you’d ever want to is another story…)
  • Unified GUI-PS3, PSP, and the new Walkman will now likely share a unified UI, or as the talk goes, at least have that UI DNA that MOTO’s been talking up lately.
  • Line-in Encoding.  Details are sparse at this moment however.  No on board mic voice recording though…  Will this also allow mic recording?  And does this start to signal the deathtoll for MDs even from Sony themselves?

All in all, this could be the Walkman that may start to turn the tide, though that tide is still quite behemoth in the grand scheme of things.

One more interesting quote.  It seems that a high capacity Walkmen are in the works:

“Let us all hope that the forthcoming high capacity Walkman juggernaut in early 2007 will have such functionality.”



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10/11/06 at 10:30 am

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