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Splash Damage: Get a Faster Sansa (E Series only)

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The Sansa E140 that I have is actually a rather robust player, and I’m finding new things about it more and more every day.  For instance, the E140 is capable of reading FAT32 formatted SD cards for example (so you can use standard 4GB SD cards formatted with FAT32 – test is pending).  However, what was surprising is that how long it took to boot up the Sansa with FAT32 formatted SD card.  With the 2GB ULTRAII (really fast) SD in tow, it’d take almost 5 minutes to boot up to a playable mode.  However, when the card is formatted with FAT16, the boot up time is reduced to less than 20 seconds.

You’re trading some cluster (and probably couple of songs in the end) to gain that extra boot up speed.  Is it worth it? With the battery that it takes to read the card for that long, with faster boot time (to listen to your music even faster), the answer has to be a resounding YES!

You can also format the player itself to FAT16, and I think that shaves off about a second or two as well.  There you have it, another fine extra from Damaged Gears.


Written by Damage

10/19/06 at 12:22 am

Posted in DAP, Et Cetera, Soapbox

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  1. Excellent suggestion. Got a new 4GB SD card and my E140 boot time was… Actually I don’t know what it was… I stopped it after several minutes. As for formatting it, I had to go out to a command prompt (from XP Pro) to do the formatting, and fiddle with the command line “format e: /fs:fat” and accept the suggested cluster size. No appreciable loss of disk space, and the boot time is now nearly instant. Woo hoo! Thanks!

    Steve Dz

    11/25/06 at 9:05 pm

  2. YAY if this is true, it is a holy grail of sorts for e140 lover-haters. I find it abhorrent how SanDisk refuses to update/address the 4GB incompatibility issue. WHAT EXACT MAKE/MODEL 4GB SD CARD ARE YOU USING IN THE E140?? I fear certain models won’t work in it.


    01/6/07 at 3:23 pm

  3. Hi Everyone,

    I have an E140 and have been looking for a firmware hack to accept higher capacity SD cards (4GB, 8GB, etc.). Does anyone know of such a hack? Or has anyone tried to use anything higher than a 4GB card? Please provide comments.


    01/24/07 at 8:39 am

  4. Transcend 150x 4gb reported to work on e140 (don’t know if 1.x or 2.x firmware). I have the 1.x based but have not ventured beyond 2g. FYI: I discovered that if I only create 1 folder each on both the int and ext. AND give all my files RANDOM file names the boot times are reduced to ~10 sec. I suppose most people have names starting with “0” for track # causing the OS to thrash. FYI 2: NTFS works too for format!. [3gb, 973 songs, 96k VBR WMA 9.1 – 3 pass, thx dbpoweramp]


    02/11/07 at 10:47 am

  5. It works! The transcend 4G (non-SDHC) on 1.x f/w works perfectly. Couple of caveats, the e140 has an upper limit of 1000 total files, anything else will be ignored (no prob just means I can encode at higher bit rate). Card not as efficient as my sandisk 2G–drains the battery faster than just size would expect (but hey I use nimh). In addition to the other suggestions given above keep at least 2Mb free on the internal. The player needs that space to index all the songs otherwise it will just get stuck booting up.


    03/8/07 at 10:41 pm

  6. Does anyone know if there is a f/w update for it to work on a 8GB SDHC card?

    George Watson

    09/26/07 at 1:44 am

  7. No one’s probably looking at this anymore, but just to mention: Even if you could use the 8GB card, the 1000 song hardcoded limitation would probably negate the usefulness of the extra space.


    05/17/08 at 7:58 am

  8. [quote
    Even if you could use the 8GB card, the 1000 song hardcoded limitation would probably negate the usefulness of the extra space.
    end quote]

    Unless you (as i do) listen to a lot of large audiobooks and mashups


    04/18/09 at 6:50 pm

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