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Splash Damage: Hiatus, Part Dos

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Sorry about the long layoff, it was rather unintentional (and intentional I suppose).  However, once the laziness and general apathy strikes, well, it strikes hard.

Also, it hasn’t helped that I’ve been doodling with extracirricular activities as well.  Church for one (and no, there will be no discussions of spirituality on this blog, take it to one that specializes in it!), Phantasy Star Universe for the other…  Though I’m done with the latter now, thanks to a binge gaming session I haven’t done in ages.

It also helps to say that I haven’t had time to review new gears, since I don’t have anything new to review.  I do take donations, yes.  We’re not made of money nor gratis review units from manufacturers.  I’ve been told that our writers do have some units to review, so it’s just a matter of being patient.

Also, if you’re the type that’s willing to blow some $250, the ZUNE makes its debut today at fine retailers.  From all reports, it’s no iPod.  But then again, what is?  This, being a first generation product (and a Toshiba OEM part to boot with custom Microsoft firmware), is sure to have its issues and quirks.  The real battle isn’t now; it’s next year, when Zune 2G (or 3G who knows how fast Microsoft is willing to move with Zune units?) makes its debut that the things will get mighty interesting.  If XBOX and XBOX360 is anything to go by, the 2nd Gen should be a much more compelling unit vs. the competition vs. the 1st Gen.  Not that 1st Gen XBOX was lacking, mind you. 

I have a feeling that ZUNE will shape up like XBOX, and that ZUNE2 will be XBOX360-it will get here before the competition, it will do some things absolutely better than the competition (much improved 3/3 SOCIAL, a real portable video solution, better formfactor) but will have something missing initially or still unresolved. (HD-DVD on the 360, I’m thinking battery life and or capacity will be still lacking on ZUNE2)

Overall, ZUNE is very welcomed by the crew at Damaged Gears (at least yours truly).  It’ll get folks at Apple iPod division moving.  Otherwise, they risk becoming Apple of the mid-1990s.  Irrelevant.  Just ask Sony.


Written by Damage

11/14/06 at 12:11 am

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