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Splash Damage: Weird Math; MDS-60

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If the strange math threw you off, then here is the solution.  Damaged Gear is now in its 2nd year of writing, and the particular equation was posted on the 22nd, which was three days before the Big DG hit the old 1st birthday.  Well, yea, it’s not exactly 2nd year, but still you get the drift.

All strange math aside, more stuff might be forthcoming.  For a quickie, you might want to consider the Smokin Buds from the fine folks at Skullcandy. No, it won’t supplant the MDR-EX90 as the favored canalbuds around here. But for $20 street price (lower most likely nowadays) you can do a lot worse (as the favorite saying goes around these here parts). To be certain, there are several glaring faults with these, the most prominent being the pack in tips themselves. Even the large buds won’t provide most users a proper seal necessary. As a result, you’ll end up fidgeting with the buds to get a good fit, and will end up with poor sounding dreck. As soon as you get these, replace the tips ASAP with the Sony EX tips (now available at your local SonyStyle shop).

Oh, and how do they sound? Very similar to Panasonic HJE50s, which is to say is a still an improvement from MDR-EX71s. However, compared to the EX90s, they are very unbalanced, favoring heavy bass overall. The spatialization… Well, there is none (so the soundstage is very 2D and small compared to the EX90s, which for canalbuds have a very large soundstage). And the overall sound quality feels rough. However, for $20, as I said before, you can do a lot worse.

Speaking of SonyStyle shops, they now carry accessories for their Walkman phones (about $!@#! time), one of which I recently snagged was the Desk Stand MDS-60. Weighing in at $100 MSRP (yikes), this unitasker provides a charging speaker dock for your Sony Ericsson phone equipped with Fast Port. Overall, the sound quality is average at best, but the convenience it provides somewhat offsets the high price. It is also portable, as it “folds up” for easy travel. If nothing else, it makes your Walkman phone a Boombox phone… At anyrate, it’d be more in line with what they’re asking for had they provided with a headphone jack and beefier sound. As is, if you must have a charging dock (sorta like mine, as my charger cord sort of gave up the ghost), it’s a worthwhile choice. And the other choice for your speaker dock? Well, prepare to bone out $250. Yeesh. Way to charge a premium.

Knowing me, I’ll get that and the new Cybershot phone.


Current Wishlist: MDR-EX85


Written by Damage

11/30/06 at 12:36 am

Posted in Et Cetera, Soapbox

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