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Splash Damage: Creative Muvo V100 2GB

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Yea, I got one on a whim.  For $79, it sure beat the Shuffle.  2GBs and a display!  Well, it’s slow as heck (I think at times, the thing transfers using USB 1.1….  ewww), and it’s a little ungainly.  After all, it feeds off of AAAs.  However, for the price, well, you can’t really do better than this.  Not with the capacity and general overall quality anyways.

And it’s white.  So, it’s got the fashion department licked.  I supposed.

But, most of all, it has a direct USB key instead of a strange docklet or using a mini USB cable…

There’s something wholesome about using a plain USB key to dock…  I ramble now and it’s getting late.  But if you can find this (it should retail about $80), and if you’ve been thinking about a Shuffle like I have, this might make an worthy alternative.


Written by Damage

12/27/06 at 12:17 am

Posted in Soapbox

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