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Splash Damage – Your PDA as a media player?

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I received my new Palm TX the other day, and my new Covertec leather case arrived today. I’m pretty jazzed about this PDA since I haven’t upgraded to a new PDA in three years. I like having the 128mb NVFS memory and Wifi now. Also, I don’t seem to miss the greater CPU speed of my old Palm T3 or its inconvenient slider. Luckily most of my applications work on this model and the ones that don’t have upgrades that I was able to purchase.

OK, here’s a little history on me, I care a great deal about my music and look for certain characteristics in a digital audio player (DAP). I’ve got to have gapless playback for the many recorded concerts I listen to, I want a customizable EQ, and the headphone output must be capable of driving my various headphones.


Tonight’s musical combo: Palm TX > Grado SR60 > Bob Marley & the Wailers – Gold


One of the great features of having a choice of media software is that the power is in your hands as a user. If you’re looking for video playback and a wide variety of CODEC support, TCPMP is your main choice. The fact that the latest beta can be found online for free with a little hunting is a great thing.


Pocket Tunes comes bundled with the Palm TX and I’ve used it a little, the basic player is simple and does its job. The Deluxe version that you can upgrade to offers many cool features such as WMA playback and streaming audio.


The main player that I use is Aeroplayer. It offers gapless playback and its EQ functions sound the best to me. You can use this app for free if you wish to use ogg only. If you want to continue playing mp3s and AAC files after the trial period is complete, you’ll need to purchase a license for the program. You’ll be glad that you did.


The TX can easily drive all my headphones to excessive volumes so I’m pleased with its output. I also have a hard time hearing any hiss during silence with any of my phones. However there have been some complaints on PDA related forums about hiss with some sensitive phones. As a DAP, or at least a “secondary device” to my existing portable devices the TX really shines. I’ve got a 2gb card in it now and it can hold a lot of my music, PDFs, documents. With a 4gb card and a faster card reader (my current one is USB 1.0) this device could see a lot of use as my daily music player. An external battery extender would probably be a good idea, FLAC files eat up battery life like it was nothing. Hmm, I guess I miss my T3’s Palm Power to Go sled. I’ve got the PDA with me most of the time anyway, so why not use it a little bit more. I’ve used Aeroplayer, TCPMP, and PocketTunes so far. Their EQ settings, gapless playback and multiple CODEC support is pretty sweet. Since I don’t use iTunes, I doubt that an app like mOcean would be of much use to me. If you’ve got a PDA with media player software you ought to look into the possibility of having it supplement your DAP usage. After all, if you depend on your PDA anyway, why not put this feature to good use as well.


Written by Ben

12/28/06 at 8:03 pm

Posted in DAP, Soapbox

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