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Splash Damage: Damage vs. iPhone

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No, I don’t have an iPhone, just like the rest of you.  I do have the next best thing to it, the Walkman Phone (the now, woefully obsolete w800).  Having used and abused that phone for nearly a year now, here are my takes on the iPhone… except since I used that iPhone, I expect to be sued fully by Cisco.  Please don’t use me Mr. Cisco.

1.  The thing better be durable has heck, and then some.  If many a bloggers and trolls will complain about surface scratching on the ordinary iPod, I can’t wait until the scratching backlash begins on the iFone.  Whatever the material, it’ll have to stand upto daily use and abuse, drops and spillages, punches and kicks, and whatever else the phone gets subjected to everyday.  Considering its pedigree, I doubt that’s the case.  And there are complaints already about easily smudged touchscreen…  Which leads to…

2.  Lack of a keypad.  Even the old Clie (Sony’s uber Palm PDA) figured out that you can enter stuff much faster on a keypad than on a touchscreen with a virtual keyboard.  Granted, this is a new way of doing things, and I suspect it’ll be heaps easier than what’s out there.  However, experience tells me that virtual keyboards on principle sucks compared to actual hardkeys.  Time will tell on this one…  Which leads to…

3.  Battery life.  5 Hours talk and 15 Audio is a bit on the weak side.  Sony Ericsson easily gets 8+ talk time.  In real life, that’s about 2-3 days between charging with some GPRS/WAP browsing and occassional music playback.  How the iChatPod will do in real life?  Who the heck knows, but I bet you won’t get 5 hours, especially when you’re busy jamming to the tunes, downloading with your WiFi, etc.  Speaking of Tunes…

4.  New iPod interface.  Why fix what wasn’t broken?  It is a natural extension of the old iPod interface with the new touchscreen, but you know what, people fear change. 

5.  Touches here and there.  Will the phone have a flight mode (turning off all the radio/WiFi activities for flights?), actually fully power down, Bluetooth 2.0 support, Infra-red?  What happened to 3G?  Only Yahoo push mail?  Why not GMail?  Why not total Google integration?  Will the phone be availble only for Cingular wireless network?  Just a lot of niggling questions that are not yet answered.

Of course, those seem very small and trivial when compared to what Apple’s bringing to the table to the industry.

1.  Wakeup call.  The fine nordic folks of Nokia and SonyEricsson have been doing a fine job of convergence.  They just got a slap across their collective viking hats by StevieJ.  This should serve as the proper motivator for the Nords to crank out that dream phone, or die trying.

2.  MultiTouch.  As it stands, it seems gimmicky.  However, scale that to the general computing level, and we can soon see that Minority Report like fancy UI.  This is literally the tip of the iceberg for UI.  I just hope that Apple will include this sort of tech in their new computers down the line. 

3.  Welcome to the Social.  The WiFi on this and the Zune has so much potential.  For now, it remains just that, potential.  However, Apple (more so than Microsoft) has the ability to make the “Social” work.  Will they is another question.

Even if the phone is a total failure like the ROKR (which I doubt it will be), the multi-touch UI interface is a revolution in and of itself.  Apple would do well to bring to tech to areas other than phones.  Imagine a real tablet Mac with the multitouch interface!  You can use half of 15″ screen as a real keyboard (whole tactile thing aside), then slide that keyboard out of the way to drag some pictures in the document.  Use your fingers to place the pics, fold the window (pinch them close), and shove the folded document in the mailbox. 

Apple might be on to something revolutionary.  It isn’t the phone necessairly, though.  It’s what’s underneath it that counts.


Written by Damage

01/11/07 at 12:20 am

Posted in Soapbox

2 Responses

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  1. Good point about multi-touch. This is probably just the testing ground for it, the beta version, so to speak. I don’t doubt it will make it into other devices– now I can’t wait 😀


    01/11/07 at 11:12 pm

  2. I think the iPhone will be a big hit, but I’m already more surious to see what they do with the iPhone 2.0


    02/19/07 at 2:02 am

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