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Splash Damage: Sony purchases Sennheiser

Now, while I know I’m not to trust Bathan spies for any reason, I think these Buthan spies are very, highly trustworthy.  And they have sacrificed themselves to bring Damaged Gears this, another exclusive news:

Sony will announce the purchase of Sennheiser, sometime later today.  Full terms and disclosure of the deal will be announced later.

Biggest news out of this is that all of Sony’s headphone manufacturing will be focused towards manufacturing the Sennheiser phones for a bigger market penetration (for Senns).  Some of the classic Sony phones (such as the vaunted MDR-EX51s, MDR-E828s, etc.) will be discontinued in favor of Senn’s offering, though the SuperAudio line of headphones and the MDR-750x series will be manufactured until further notice.   This also means that you’ll be able to get your hands on the PX100s for a lower price as well.  I’ve been told that the final MSRP for the new MDR-PX100s (yep, that’s the model number ) will be $19.99!  $19.99!!

Another tantalizing newsthe Buthan spies managed to obtain is that Sony will reintroduce the legendary Orpheus.  That’s right, the legendary, $20,000 per unit Orpheus will be remanufactured by the once-defunct Qualia group.

Each of the new Orpheus will be tailored to the purchaser’s needs.  Sony  is also reportedly reviving the Qualia 010s as Orpheus-CE.  Now, how a set of dynamic phones can be rebadged as having any relationship with electrostats is another question altogether, but the name itself should be enough to get some excitement going.

Finally (and unrelated to this), in order to bring up the quality of the pack in iBuds, Apple was reportedly working on a deal to purchase Yuin PK-1 earbuds.  More developing.


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04/1/07 at 10:25 am

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