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Splash Damage: Apples, Bricks, Pears, and Musicphones.

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No, the blog ain’t dead.  However, it was kinda getting moldy.

Of all the rotten apples, StevieJ and his corp of Engineers are getting the roteen apple treatment these days over bricked iPhones.  And yes, I do feel for the owners of bricked phones.  However, they are subsidized, locked phones.  With one big difference.  No subsidy to lessen the pain of getting a new phone. 

The iPhone gives you some of those freedoms (your own music, your own phone use, generally things that most unlocked phone users have now taken for granted).  However, it’s still not a Smartphone, never promised as a smartphone. All it was and is iPod with a phone-with the innate ability to do more than advertised, mind you.  Apple went above and beyond by offering Wi-Fi (done right vs. the Zune), simple messaging options, mail capabilities, and web browing capabilities that rivals the other smartphones on the market.  However, it was never mentioned nor marketed as a smartphone, nor did anyone have the expectation to have their iPhone act as a smartphone.  The fact that it ran on a version of OSX (and that revealed) gave enterprising hackers to use as a smartphone.  Hell, being priced like a smartphone didn’t help it either (this sans subsidy). 

At anyrate, it was never a smartphone to begin with, and Apple (probably with a bit of cajoling by AT&T) has the every right to lock it up as they see fit.  Not that it won’t stop people from complaining.

Speaking of rotting fruits, the Pear Cable controversy brings up my biggest peeve in the audio field.  Somehow, magical cables that costs just as much as good quality gears will make a difference.  Is there a difference between $10 cable and $1000 cables?  Sure.  The packaging for one.  How about the nice insulation?  And the fact that you don’t have to strip your own cables…  Nice.  But underneath it all, it’s the same copper, made by same copper mill overseas.  The difference between the $1000 vs. $10 is, if anything, purity, shiny insulation covering, and the fact that you don’t have to splice your own cables, thus saving your fingertips. 

Cables are cables, and given similar gauge and build, it ain’t gonna make a lick of difference between one cable vs. other.  Over long distances, the resistances comes into play, but we’re talking about 1000s of feet, not 10s.  As so long as the cable is robust enough to carry the signal….  you get the point. 

Musicphones.  iPhone aside….  We’re still ways off.  Not as so long as phones still require a funky adapter to use your own headphones, UI that slugs along, and require MicroSD for storage.  If you can get a 2GB MicroSD for $50, then I’d rather pay that $50 to the phone makers to get a clue and slap in some decent storage on board. 

Yea, Samsung, I’m talking to ya.  60MB on a music phone?  Cripes.  It’s 2007 already.


Written by Damage

10/15/07 at 9:22 pm

Posted in Soapbox

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