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Splash Damage: iPod Touch 1.1.3 and EX85, 1-15-08

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Yea, call it the coat-tail effect for the Cloverfield.  Nonetheless, I’m strangely excited about the movie, but Damaged Gears ain’t a movieblog.

iPod Touch 1.1.3 finally got the programs it should have had from the beginning, including the pseudo-GPS enabled Google Maps and Mail support.  Again, it’s about freaking time, but asking the early adopters (and current customers who purchases said devices outside of Apple stores, I suppose for the moment) to pay $20 for these is… Well, it’s be perfectly Applerific, wouldn’t it?  After all, there is precedent in all this, just ask those who’ve been gipped out of $200, or those who were foolish enough to purchase a 4GB iPhone.   Enough of that, however, there are much other juicier things to bash, like the Air for instance (which, I will say is the typical form over function).

Damaged Gears, at heart, is a headphone and music gear blog, despite the reports of contrary, or the lack of activity there of.  I hope to make amends in the second year of its existence, including a side project (which should be quite interesting when it takes off).  And as much as I did for the EX90, I plan to write my thoughts on the EX85 in several parts.  Finally, it should be complied into single, easy to digest, easy to quote and link review that anyone on the net can use (the “Authoritative EX90 or EX85 review,” as it were).

So, with that in mind…  A small mod to consider, and this is a simple one (and something of a ritual for me in all semi-canal buds).  Remember the big bass that we were talking about yesterday?  No?  Take a second and look at the post right below.   OK, so way too much bass, right?  Easy fix, well remove the little paper diaphragm.  Take a push pin, insert into hole, and rip it open.  Let the wave of destruction run over like water over stone in your small moment of zen.

It tames the bass just enough to make it much more bearable.  Wait, come to consider, I did the same with my EX90.  Ah well.  As it stands, this will most likely void your warranty, so if you like the sound of your phones stock, well, you know, don’t.

And as for the grade, which I forgot to give last night: B.  Solid performer but price could use work.


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01/15/08 at 11:26 pm

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