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Splash Damage:An Experiment in Frustration?

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This post is being uploaded with iPod touch.

Or so, I had planned this about a month ago. 

Moblogging, hell, listening to music and iPod Touch was an experiment in frustration.  Three seconds in, Safari Crashes.  Five seconds in, it crashes.  Seven seconds in, it crashes.

Then I rememberd the trust CLIE PEGA-UX40 (whatta mouthful).  It really never crashed while doing anything CPU intensive (or non-intensive).  And out of sheer curiosity, I had the CLIE tethered to my GPRS Service.  Yea, it’s a 2003 technology, and doing AJAXy stuff with the CLIE as I could with iTouch.  However, it did never crash while browsing and listening to music.

All stability issue of Safari aside, however, the iPod Touch is a neat little device.  Mail and maps, music, webapps, etc. makes the iPod Touch the spiritual successor to the CLIE type devices.  Entertainment devices with organization bits added in.  And with the new 1.1.4 update, the stability issue seems to be sorted out a touch.  With the highly anticipated SDK on the horizon, the iPod Touch is probably the CLIE PDA that the inner geek in all of us lusted over the last five years but couldn’t afford (or wouldn’t justify shelling out the big bucks for). 

Well, Apple still needs to toss in a muy cool swivel camera, bluetooth, and handwriting recognization.  But it’s getting mighty close.


Written by Damage

02/26/08 at 10:25 pm

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