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Splash Damage: Very Danceable.

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Sure, but do they make your music danceable?

Clari-fi, the inline adapter that makes your MP3 cleaner, by removing spikes.  Yep, someone stuck some highpass filter in there or something, I guess.

To quote these good people:

  • Removes harsh artifacts from digital audio, which simultaneously protects hearing and produces a richer and clearer sound, while retaining the original acoustic tonal quality.
  • Allows volume to be turned up to a pleasant level without inducing ear fatigue.
  • Allows people to enjoy the improved quality and smoothness of the vocals and instruments in jazz or classical music. Others may enjoy being able to crank up the volume of hard rock or hip hop without abusing their ear drums.

For $60, it’s all yours.  Have at it.

Via: Wired


Written by Damage

04/10/08 at 12:11 am

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